Here is a brief description of the services we provide...


The purpose of an audit is to form a view on whether the information presented in the financial report, taken as a whole, reflects the financial position of the organization at a given date


We complete all and any form you would need to file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

- Individual Returns

- Partnerships Return

- Corporate Returns 

- S Corporate Returns

- Non-Profit Returns


Accounting is the action or process of keeping financial accounts.  Bookkeeping, financial statement preparation and budgeting are all accounting tasks that organizations face every day, whether you're part of a small business, government agency

or non-profit.


The main software we use for bookkeeping is QuickBooks.

We can do the bookkeeping for your business or help you set it up for you or your employees to use. 

We can also provide oversite to the business' books to make sure transactions are being entered correctly.

Accounting Software

The main accounting software we operate with is QuickBooks.

After setting up the books for the business we can also provide assistance to you or employees with using the software and entering transactions. 


We provide a range of consulting services by a Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and other financial advisors for businesses and high net worth individuals who require specialized advice on capital formation, cash flow and wealth management.

Non-Profit Organizations

We have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to Non-Profit Organizations. From auditing to bookkeeping and everything in between. If you need someone with experience and knowledge on Non-Profit organizations we are the ones you need.