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While being a full service accounting practice, my specialized industry focus lies in the Not-for-Profit sector and Employee Benefit Plans. It is in this capacity that I feel my practice can greatly benefit your Organization. I have over the past several years, had the privilege of working closely with several not-for-profit organizations in Palm Beach from first time audits and implementation of internal controls to on-going annual audits with well established functionality and reporting practices. I pride myself on my on-going relationship with my clients which is built on communication, mutual respect and most often just plain "rolling up our sleeves together to get things done." I encourage on-going contact with clients throughout the year by being available for phone calls, consultations, and meetings on a regular basis. I don't believe in charging for those services, it is part of showing my appreciation and value for the organization and the missions they are trying to accomplish. 

Technologically, we are equipped to utilize client accounting systems through integration of Quickbooks On-line and desktop Quickbooks for the Non-Profit Sectors. Our audit, accounting, financial reporting, and tax software is provided by ATX Professional software, through Wolters Kluwer, CCH. The method of providing documents and accounting schedules is largely through client discretion. We are available to perform our procedures on-site or in increments at our office using detailed information requests which result in less time spent disrupting the daily routine and efficiency of critical personnel for our clients.

Furthermore, as a practice we will be proactive in remaining current on industry and regulatory updates and changes, taking relevant continuing education courses, and always striving to perform at the highest levels possible.

Who We Are

Larrisa M. Shaffer

My name is Larrisa Shaffer, I am a CPA practicing out of Jupiter, serving clients primarily in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin counties. My experience as a CPA and an auditor spans twenty-three years in both the public and private sectors. My industry experience ranges greatly and includes publicly traded companies, investment companies to mid-sized retailers and closely held businesses. I've worked previously for one of the Big Four accounting firms, and 8 years with a local firm as a director / partner in the practice. In 2015 I opened my own practice Larrisa M. Shaffer, CPA, PA out of Jupiter, Florida. It is with pleasure I can say that the client contacts I built and retained with the prior firm remain with me today.

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